What “Ngorli” Means

The word "Ngorli" (N-goalie) means there is "Hope or Future". It is a word in the EWE language. Ewe is a language spoken in Ghana, Togo and Benin, which are all in West Africa.

~Who we are

We are an all-embracing organization, our core values are based on care, peace, benevolence and love. We are dedicated to working with and for children and their communities in an effort to help them reach their full potential. We truly believe that, providing quality education for children is the cornerstone for human progress. Ngorli was formed with this purpose in mind; to work to overcome the obstacles that poverty, gender inequality, ignorance and illiteracy place on the developmental phases of a child's growth. We believe that together we can advance the course of humanity by promoting and creating a constructive environment and well-resourced educational facilities for children of underprivileged societies.

~Why we serve

There is no greater sense of fulfillment than being fully aware that your involvement and contribution to a worthy cause has yielded the desired result of drastically improving the lives of disadvantaged children. In fact, this is the main concern that has brought together a team of enthusiastic and dedicated individuals who are willing to sacrifice their time, talent, energy, resources, etc. for what they consider to be of eternal value.

~What We Do

We are committed to ensuring that every child regardless of gender, ethnicity, socio-economic, and cultural background realize their optimum potential through quality education. We provide a constructive environment and well-resourced educational facilities such as state -of the- art libraries, computer laboratories, recreational facilities and books, relevant educational materials and incentives for underprivileged children to boost teaching and learning.
At Ngorli, We carefully monitor and review programs and costs. We use donations and grants for their intended purposes, and look for ways to leverage funds for maximum impact. Stewardship is an integral part of everything we do — because we recognize that every resource entrusted to us can transform children's lives. All of our executives are educated, trustworthy, and are employed.