History of Ngorli


Ngorli was founded based on the principles and ideas of Chosen Generation, a nonprofit organization founded by a Ghanaian, Samira Captan, whose father is from Lebanon. She founded Chosen Generation to help communities in the Achimota area of Accra, Ghana. Her main focus was empowering children and youth through education. Chosen Generation lasted from 1994 to 1999. 

Raymond Amezado, the founder/president of Ngorli Organization, was a youth board member of Chosen Generation at the age of 15. He was in charge of organizing events and encouraging children his age to participate in sports and educational programs. His experience of board membership came to a halt when Chosen Generation was dissolved in 1999 due to the fact that the president the sole sponsor and backbone of Chosen Generation Samira Captan moved to the USA. Raymond Amezado vowed to continue the hard work of promoting education for the underprivileged in society.

In September 2006, Raymond immigrated to the United State to continue his education, but opted to join the U.S. Army in January 2007. It was his service in the army and deployment to different countries, including Afghanistan among others, that reinstated his passion and motivation to promote education. As Raymond journeyed through life and countries, he noticed the different levels in education and how poverty and lack of education can lead to major problems in the world. For instance, what Raymond thought was a great school in Ghana, considering infrastructure and resources, was considered insufficient in the United States. This same school would be considered a blessing in Afghanistan.

The pen, they say, is mightier than the sword; and this Raymond has experienced as a soldier. As a war veteran, he has seen that their missions in most war-torn countries was not about guns and fighting; they spent most of their time and resources educating the natives. Most of the problems they faced were that a high percentage of the population could not read and were being taken advantage of by any propaganda. They are stuck in oblivion.

Being that he comes from Africa and gained his higher education in America, he can say that he has experienced both Western cultures and that of a third-world country and can conclude that education (knowledge) is the basic solution to every problem. 

With proper education, locals in poor communities or third-world countries will be able to read and debate on topics affecting their countries without fighting. They would also be able to read and apply science to deal with problems (HIV/AIDS, abortion, teen pregnancy, infant mortality, etc.) in their society instead of blaming it on religion and ignorance. 

While serving in the army, Raymond continued to support his family, friends and children in the community of Kissehman, where he grew up. While deployed to other countries as a soldier, he donated school supplies and sports equipment to schools and children with the help from family, friends and fellow soldiers. He volunteered to help schools and summer programs in the state of North Carolina.

In 2011, upon finishing his undergraduate degree and having achieved milestones in his career as a staff sergeant (non-commission officer in the army), Raymond contacted individuals who encompass similar passion and motivation to promote education, and that was the beginning of Ngorli. 

In November 2011, Ngorli was born in the state of North Carolina. The long-term vision of Ngorli is to promote quality education for children all over the world. One child, one town, one country - and the whole world.

Ngorli as organization was founded in Fayetteville North Carolina by then US Army soldier Raymond Amezado who was stationed at Fort Bragg. Though he founded Ngorli to help children back home in Ghana, Africa, the mission of Ngorli has changed over the years. 

Currently Ngorli’s work is now international, Ngorli as an organization has gone from doing projects in Kissehman to the whole of Ghana, part of the USA and Watford, UK.